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Because There’s Magic in a Good Hat


Welcome to the HooDoo Headwear inaugural blog post! This is the first of many we’ll be publishing to entertain, inform and delight you every week as your go-to source for all things hat-related. We believe that there’s magic in a good hat and that a wearer’s life is transformed for the better when they don the right one, tipped just right…

And that’s why we chose the moniker, HooDoo Headwear.

What is Hoodoo?

Gentler and more innocent than voodoo, “hoodoo” is a spirituality that blends West African, Native American and European traditions and customs. It concentrates on the power within a person that can be invoked through tools, spells and formulas. Hoodoo associates magical properties to plant life, minerals, animals and personal possessions – including hats…

You’ll find references to hoodoo in jazz, blues and the music of the Mississippi Delta. Ma Rainey sang about “Louisiana Hoodoo Blues,” while Junior Wells spoke of “Hoodoo Man Blues.” Hoodoo magic even found its way into mainstream music with Creedence Clearwater Revival’s “Born on the Bayou.” Hoodoo transcends multiple religions and cultures, but it finds common ground in expressing mysticism through music and lyrics.

Bringing the Hoodoo to Headwear

Hoodoo is a folk magic that focuses on improving the practitioner’s lot in life. You can do just that with a chapeau that flatters and completes a look. Worn right, it can make you appear smarter, tougher, more attractive, more confident, sexier. And that’s just on the outside. Take a glimpse inside and you’ll find that fashionable headwear improves your self-confidence and outlook on life.

Hats are a great way of enhancing one’s daily life. At HooDoo Headwear, we’re so sure that the right hat will change your life that we offer our one-of-a-kind promise – “Compliments Guaranteed.”

What to Expect from the HooDoo Headwear Blog

Our blog content is dedicated to you, the fascinating, dynamic trendsetter that appreciates the impact of premium quality headwear for men and women. But HooDoo Headwear is also committed to converting the skeptical hat cynic that laments: “Hats just don’t look good on me.” If you’re one of them, we’re up for the challenge.

The HooDoo Headwear blog will cover such topics as hat fashion how-to’s, trends in the world of millinery, picking the right cap and hats in history. We’re also huge fans of great tunes, so you’ll hear from HooDoo’s Master of Ceremonies about what’s going on in the Chicago music scene.

We invite you to come along on this journey with us, as we endeavor to have fun with millinery, music…and magic…

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